Monday, December 17, 2012

Journal Weds 27 January 1897

A great example of Virginias early descriptive skills. Journal Wednesday 27 January 1897
"Father and I went for a walk after breakfast. Round the Pond, on which men were sliding and one or two skating, though notices were up to forbid them - Afterwards I went out with Stella to Wimpole St; where we heard that Jack had had a very good night, and then went to Grosvenor St. to see the house which was burnt on Monday night. The windows were all broken, and we saw into black, empty rooms; the roof was off, and everything was burnt and blackened. Icicles hung down where the water had been thrown - the house next door was black too, though not actually burnt. there was a crowd standing around, and looking at the house. We went on to Curzon St. to see Flora Baker, and tell her about Jack, and then bussed to High St. to buy S a hat, and home again in time for lunch. N lunched with the Milmans with Marie who was full of the fire; through which however she had slept. A came home about 3, there being no football, and we went to Gloucester Rd. station about an umbrella which he had left in the train. We were told to go to the Lost Property Office at Moorgate Station. We went up to the Pond, which we found guarded by six or seven park-keepers, to prevent the people going on the ice. One park keeper said that there would be skating tomorrow. It was not freezing when we came away. Father began the Antiquary top us. Wrote to Marthe who sent me a card. Finished 1st volume of C[arlyle]s R[eminiscences]"