Sunday, December 2, 2012

Virginia Woolf Diary 26 January 1897

Stella went to Jack in the morning and Nessa and I sat over the fire and lounged. We went out into the gardens and met Mr Stapleton and his daughter (or grand daughter?) who said they were going up to the Pond, and so we went with them. Mr Stapleton a chatty old gentleman, talked to Nessa of St Ives, and Haslemere and cricket - The pond is fozen over, but not yet ready for skating - it was only just freezing in the morning, with a strong wind blowing - from the West - but as cold as any East. After lunch Stella went again to Jack, and father, Nessa and I went for a walk in the gardens - Started by the pond, and then round to the Serpentine and right down to the other end; across the road, and home by the barracks. The Duke of Devonshire passed us father said. Finished my birthdat cake for tea, so it had a very short life, poor thing. Wrote to Thoby and Cousin Mia after tea - Father finished Esmond to us this evening - His present for me came - Ls Life of Scott - in a great brown paper parcel - I expected one huge closely printed book, but instead behold 10 beautiful little blue and brown gilt leathered backs, big print, and altogether luxurious. the nicest present I have had yet.
I love the sensuous description of the Scott volumes.