Sunday, December 2, 2012

Virginia Woolf Journal 1897 (1)

Sunday 17 January 1897
Snow over everything. Stayed in all the morning and read most of it - Nessa and Thoby had wonderful games of chasing each other around the table - Gerald went to Oxford for the day. In the afternoon I persuaded the others to take a walk - which was most horrid - round the Serpentine; the wind ferocious and icy; everything slushy and cold and damp - It was not thawing, I think, but the roads managed to become a mass of dirty melting snow. very glad to get back home and have tea, which was at half past four. Afterwards we sat in the drawing room, and heard general Beadle discourse - till the Vaughans (Emma and Marny) came. Eustace Hills came to supper, and afterwards Father read poetry - The bath water lukewarm which was most disappointing. Found an old knife, which I have polihed and sharpened, and which for the future shall be my knife. the organ again under Ts and As hands. Just as the handle was got well on, and they were going to turn it, everything smashed, and it is hoped that they will give it up.
I just loved that phrase, "and which for the future shall be my knife". I can't for the life of me see why VW needed or wanted a knife... drkelp