Sunday, December 2, 2012

Virginia Woolf Diary 24 Jan1897

" Stella and us three walked up to Lisa Stillmans in the morning, to say that Jack could not sit to her. Saw her and Effie, and Peggy's new dog called Bruno. Very cold, but not blowing - Eustace Hills came to lunch. Afterwards he and Stella went to see Jack - Sylvia and Maud [Milman] came in the afternoon with a present for Stella from Mr Milman - Nessa and I resolved to light a fire in the night nursery - We had to make it three times before anything more than the paper would catch - At last a feeble piece of wood began to burn, and by judicious bits of paper and coal every now and then, a most respectable fire was made. This was triumphant, as Pauline had offered to do it for us, and we had refused to allow her to touch it - this being accomplished Nessa sat down at the davenport to write to Thoby, and I read on the table behind her. I finished the last volume of Carlyles Life in London before the tea bell rang - After tea Nessa did her lessons, and I wrote, the fire having warmed the hands sufficiently - After dinner father read Tennyson. A hot bath for the first time these three weeks. Adrian came up at night".