Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Holograph of Time Passes - Virginia Woolf

Check out this link: Holograph of Time Passes

The site has the holographic version of VW's Time Passes. The site says:

Welcome to the Genetic Edition of 'Time Passes'. The Genetic Edition of the text is comprised of the following four distinct layers, containing seven versions:

- the initial holograph draft which, with an undated single-page outline plan for 'Time Passes', has been reproduced in facsimile, and accompanied by a transcription.

- The second layer consists of the typescript that Woolf sent to Charles Mauron for him to translate into French. Though undated, it was apparently sent in late October or November 1926, and represents an intermediate stage of the text, between the initial manuscript and the marked-up proofs. Mauron's translation was subsequently published in the Paris periodical 'Commerce' for Winter 1926. It became the first of Woolf's writings to be translated into French, and this a significant document in the history of her French reception, providing the basis for her high reputation in France. Woolf's typescript has now been digitised and and encoded, and is available on this site.

- The third layer consists of the proofs of 'Time Passes', supplied by the printers to the Hogarth Press, R & R. Clarke of Edinburgh, with the corrections Woolf added for her US publisher Harcourt Brace.

- The fourth layer consists of facsimiles of the printed pages of 'Time Passes' as they appear in the British and the US First Editions with significant differences between these, occuring at moments of autobiographical significance, plus those of the Uniform and Everyman Edition.

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