Monday, January 28, 2013

Some facts you may not know about Virginia Woolf

1. For a time, Woolf wrote while standing at a desk 3’6″ tall because she wanted to be like a painter who could instantly step away from her canvas to get a better view.

2. While still in the nursery, she was nicknamed “The Goat.”

3. Woolf first tried to kill herself at the age of 22 by jumping out of a window. The window she jumped from, however, was not high enough to cause serious harm.

4. Woolf’s dog, Hans, was known for interrupting parties by getting sick and relieving itself on the hearthrug.

5. As a child, Woolf was a formidable bowler.

6. Woolf was highly critical of her friends’ eating habits at the dinner table, often reproving them for eating with either too little grace or too much enthusiasm.

7. Woolf once said that her death would be the “one experience I shall never describe.”

Check out 59 Things you didn't know about Virginia Woolf where I accessed these facts. Thanks to Paul Heibert.

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