Sunday, January 20, 2013

Virginia Woolf Diary - Thu 14 May 1925

"The truth is that writing is the profound pleasure & being read the superficial. I'm now all on the strain with desire to stop journalism & get on to To the Lighthouse. This is going to be fairly short: to have father's character done complete in it; & mothers; & St Ives; & childhood; & all the usual things I try to put in - life, death &c. But the centre is father's character, sitting in a boat, reciting We perished, each alone, while he crushes a dying mackerel - However I nust refrain. I must write a few stories first, & let the Lighthouse simmer, adding to it between tea & dinner till it is complete for writing out".

I enjoy these peeks into the writer's mind. The imagery of simmering a Lighthouse is a lovely picture. This also gives us some insight into the subject matter of To the Lighthouse from the writers own pen.

Keep well fellow Woolfians